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A Second Chance for a Long & Healthy Life: A Mr. Mom's Gastric Bypass Story
Helpful Links

If you'd like general information about weight loss, you might try   which offers helpful information from patients who have had weight loss surgery.  The site also provides an easy way to find people who have used your surgeon as well as a great checklist for those evaluating surgeons and bariatric surgical programs.
For a technical analysis of how laproscopic gastric bypass surgery is performed, I found very helpful (not that I felt after visiting it that I could have performed my own operation).
If you are wondering if you would qualify for weight loss surgery (or if you are actually "morbidly obese"), you can plug your height and weight into the following BMI (body mass indicator) calculator (which is from the website):
How tall are you? feet, inches.
(Note: don't put " or ' marks in the spaces above.)
How much do you weigh? pounds
Lastly, finding a surgeon who is experienced, dedicated to patient care and committed to the time-consuming post-operative work that marks effective long-term weight loss will take a lot of work.  Don't be discouraged if the first few surgeons you meet or information sessions you attend don't thrill you-- you're making a life-altering decision and you deserve to have the utmost of confidence in the surgeon who will be operating on you.  I was very fortunate that I found the perfect surgeon for me and it was well worth the wait.



For more information about Norwalk Hospital, which provided great surgical care and attentive emergency room service when problems have arisen (along with a spectacular commitment to maintaining twice-monthly support group meetings for gastric bypass patients and those considering whether to have the surgery), please visit the Norwalk Hospital webpage (

For contact and background information on my surgeon, Dr. Ralph L. Crum, please visit his webpage on the Norwalk Hospital website.